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Flippin’ sticky mirror

Nigel Blandin

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I think I used the stuff shown in #5 when out on tour last summer.

Mirror fell off, stopped at Halfords, followed the instructions on the packet while in the store car park, held it in place while the undergardener fetched cups of coffee, mirror stayed in place.

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Tried the pads ok till parked in full sun all fall down. I ended up cleaning screen and mirror mount back with nail varnish remover, then put a blob of clear bathroom silicone sealer on mirror back push gently into place till you see the whole pad area is covered.hold in place with tape. Leave overnight to cure. Trim excess silicone with blade. Mirror has not moved since. Shame that as I didn't get spot on square.

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#10 don't bet on it. My mirror fell off after about 5 years from new. Replaced with a thoroughly clean screen, 3M VHB pad clamped in place for 24 hours. 

Lasted 2 years then fell off again last summer. Replaced again with VHB but I'll be trying the loctite when it goes again. 

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