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DVSA makes big change to MOT requirements


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Wrong forum? I think it's been posted on the wrong date, that's all. *wink*  

It's a Tapley meter by the way, not a Tap meter and unless a site does a very, very low number of MOTs the cost per car will be negligible and unlikely to be passed on given the number of Testing stations that discount the MOT price to be competitive. 


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Usual shock reporting by certain press outlets, and for a paid reporter/journalist appalling English in places! I'm pretty sure a garage will spend a lot more than £130 having its lifting equipment and pressure vessels certified.

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the move could save motorists across Great Britain around £100 million a year in MOT fees.

Thus removing that money from the garage trade, so it isn't one way traffic as the .gov site suggests.

While initial testing after four years may be acceptable because production quality is higher than in 1960, I wouldn't support longer intervals between tests, partly because annual testing is so easy for owners to schedule and for mileage checks.

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May mean those garages offering choice of a deccelerometer in the footwell or the resistance rollers get rid of the former which my local garage uses only on a few cars with low ground clearance (including my Caterham)

Don't fancy my handbrake (under the dash sort) being tested on resistance rollers - bleeding useless at the best of times and very rarely used

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