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Round 08 Loton Park

Comp Sec

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Supplementary Regulations for Loton Park are available Round 08 Loton Park Supplementary Regulations.pdf

Saturday 20th July is an invited non championship event

Sunday 21st July is an Championship Round.

This event in July is popular so book early to avoid being on the reserve list.


Online Entries are available https://www.hdlcc.com/enter-online


I’ve asked for a PDF of the paper entry form and will circulate when it arrives.


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As you may have heard there have been issues at Loton Park resulting in the event being extremely over subscribed.

I don't know what's happened but suspect it is something to do with there move to online entry and someone has not set a maximum entry on the system.

As a result a number of championships have either had there invite withdrawn or there numbers restricted.

We have had 35 entries submitted for the championship round on Sunday, this has been restricted initially to Twenty Five.

Our first 25 were all entered in February, the remaining 10 were entered in March onwards and will go on the reserve list.

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As the HDLCC web site has no information about the entry list for this meeting then how long do they expect people to hang on waiting to know if they are in or not

With travel and accomodation often being the most expensive part of the weekend (if cancelled) not for the first time the L7C seems to being treated as a second class citizen.



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Graham the final say sits with HDLCC, and i've been advised that they are working on the finalised entry list to get out as soon as possible.

At present our allocation includes all entries submitted before the end on Feb, we may get additional entries if people drop out but I can't give you a definate answer until the list comes out.

I would point out that several championships have had there invitations pulled and entries withdrawn, and this is affecting all competitors including HDLCC Members.

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  • Area Representative

'Nice to be back at Loton park for a summer date rather than the April date that we've had for the last couple of years.

I managed to remain sensible, and make small improvements on each run (unlike Saturday where I visited the grass at Fallow a couple of times...)

I'm sure my almost 2 second improvement in PB was more affected by a resurfaced track, and much warmer weather.

I've posted my video here:-

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I also had fun "most" of the time!

I also had a quick look at past record times etc for the no Class 6 cars.

My previous best was a 55.04

Mark D - 55.84

Shaun - 54.15 (Current Record - old surface no tyre warming - 56.25)

Adrian Williams - 54.65

Darren Luke 53.17 - (Just been chatting with him - nothing between the years - plenty of Kahunas between the leg Mark :-)

By the way Darren has reluctantly decided to sell his 1585cc Busa that set this time.  Message me if you are interested.

I just did 53.44 on the new tarmac.



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After an exciting weekend of competition at Loton Park the results are Loton Park 2019.pdf

Championship standings are 2019 Championship R08.pdf


There are two issues of note :-

1) it has been raised to me that the Class 5 time in the handbook is incorrect, as you are aware the current Class 5 was created in 2018 by spliting  Class 6 into Class 5 & Class 6 and was created with no existing records. As no one competed in Class 5 at Loton Park in 2018 then Michael set the initial Class 5 record under the new regulations on Sunday.

2) we have had a new competitor joining us in Class 3, Anthony Shearman who you may have spotted on the edge of the grass paddock has entered the championship and will be joining us at Curborough, Wiscombe, Blyton & Anglesey. We have taken the decision that whilst he entered after the event date for Loton Park, that it is in the spirit of the championship to allow his times at Loton Park to be counted in Class 3 results and the championship, thereby enabling him to complete the required 7 events. If anyone has a disagreement with this decision please feel free to contact me to discuss.

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