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Vinyl wrapping


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I'm considering having my R300 race car vinyl wrapped (when the kit arrives in March) rather than having it painted.


Anybody have any experience of vinyl-wrapped Caterhams? Any recommended installers/suppliers? Any indications of likely cost?


I wouldn't anticipate an overly complex design. I'm leaning towards a JPS or Gold Leaf Lotus homage at the moment but am far from making a final decision on that.





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Watch out for the exhaust pipe as it tends to get a bit warm and would not be great for the vinyl..


What is the cost for a wrap ? A full spray should be under £700.


I left mine Ali and just painted the nose and wings myself and I think it looks good.






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I was thinking of having a seven wrapped and chatted to a company at this year's Pageant of Power festival. They were doing some impressive demonstrations and the quality of the work looked excellent. The thing that put me off though was how well the vinyl would adhere on the bonnet louvres with the exhaust being right underneath and the high underbonnet temps and also how well the vinyl would resist stone chip damage and the ease of replacement


Cost wise it would be similar to a decent spray job at around £700-800





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Mike Kettley had his Westie wrapped by way of sponsorship for a GOME event some years back. Given the amount of abuse the car has had over the years, it has stood up surprisingly-well - in fact it might be instrumental in holding the rest of the bodywork together *tongue* *wink*


It does seem expensive though - one wonders about how much it costs an advertiser to wrap a bunch of taxis and how much the taxi-driver/company actually gets out of it!


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Mine's wrapped.


Just the body work, in yellow 5/7 year Polymeric from Sign-a-rama, to match the wings and nose. Cost about £35 and took a couple of weekends to get right. Looks OK and covers the holes where the Clamshell rivnuts were but it's not all that tough. Lots of stone chips and holes wearing where the doors rub but proper Cast Vinyl might be more resilient. Still... I've got vinyl left to make patches and a re-do should only take one weekend next time.


But mine's not a new R300. I'd get it painted and have a signwriter finish the livery.





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Thought about wrapping my roadsport when the kit arrives next year. Was quoted about £1000 for a 'standard' colour ie not carbon or chrome, BUT they did say it doesn't stick to bare ali, so I'd have to get the car sprayed first.

So I'm going to have a go at spraying it myself ( porsche gt3 orange w black fibreglass)

and if that looks completely rank I'll get it wrapped later.




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