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UPDATED Softbits Half Hood for CSR or SV


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Now my car has gone ☹️its time to clear out the things I no longer need....


Half hood is the Classic type in black with all fittings and the cover. Great condition as only used once. SBFS new price is £212. Looking for £170 + p&p ovno STILL AVAILABLE AND REDUCED TO £150 + P&P


Tunnel bag ( sprint with hooks to fit leather style tunnel top). Less than 6 months old and in excellent condition. SBFS new price £50. Looking for £35 + p&p ovno SOLD





CSR Superlight 260 http://community.webshots.com/user/theapothecary">here</a>


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Put me down for the half-hood, please. You are Berks; I am Beds. Quite happy to come and collect. Email via my profile and we can arrange. Many thanks.


By the way, is it me or do we all find SFBS site difficult to use. Prices? Order?? Had to telephone my last order.




V31 KAR. 2007, S3, 1.6 K-series. Hot enough for me...

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St Eve

You are not alone with the SBFS site.

I spoke to Nick there a week or so back and while we were on the phone I talked him through some of the issues I had found. He then found them too *smile*

He is in touch with the hosting company to get them resolved and in the meantime, give them a call as they are always very helpful.


Shame about the Half Hood. I bought a new one a couple of months ago and as brilliant as they are - really - one is enough!

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