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Exterior Mirrors

St Eve

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Following an earlier post on the subject, I want to locate a pair of clip-on mirrors. With the side-screens off (not now; in the summer!) I don’t want to faff about taking the mirrors off the side-screens and fitting them with mounts to the windscreen, or buying mounts and a second set of Caterham mirrors. I have seen several clip-ons on the web (eg, herebut the abutment of the windscreen frame to the stanchion implies a difficult fit. Can anyone recommend a suitable mirror?





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I will probably be asking for numbers for another batch of mirrors in the new year if you're interested. There are several people waiting but at the last count I didn't get enough responses to make a batch economically.


If you're not familiar then there's some pictures on my webshots page here




Keep off the straight and narrow *tongue* 😬

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Hi Nifty

this may be a dumb question. Are you looking for orders for the mirrors, or the mirrors complete with the fitting brackets as per your photos?


I've got the Racetech mirrors on pillar mounts at the moment which are great but your set-up looks better and would give a wider choice of mirrors too.

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The mount you want is one that looks like the one in the carbon bits link. I got the mirrors and those mounts direct from Raceparts but I live fairly close so its easy for me to go there. (try calling always found them helpful)

The bolt through the mount is a 'standard' cap head bolt but the head is machined down to a smaller diameter, at least it is on mine.

Double check the bolt length and go gently as you fit, if its too long it can hit screen and crack it.


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