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Scuttle removal?


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I'm having problems using the BC search engine, so please excuse the relatively numpty question...


I am replacing the dash/instruments on my late 2003 car and need to remove the scuttle (the ally panel that goes over the top of the dash).


What is the best/easiest way of removing it?


I'm guessing that I need to drill out the 20-30 rivets that hold the front bulkhead to the scuttle?


My car has wipers/washer if that makes any difference...


Any tips/advice?


1.6 K Series EU3, 2003, with DVA K05 and a few other goodies...

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You can remove the scuttle as a unit without removing the rivets..


If you look inside the car at the point where the top panel of the scuttle joins the side of the car, you will find 2 bolts per side. Undo these, and lift out the small metal channels that the bolts go through. Then undo the wiper spindles. There may be some sealant to deal with, and 2 small trim panels covering the scuttle bolts inside the cockpit, but then the whole unit lifts off, giving great access to the instruments and wiring.


I may have forgotten one or two bits, but it's a lot quicker than taking out 30 rivets..


(By the way, disconnect the heated wiper wires as you lift the scuttle off.



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You need to remove the tonneau poppers on the scuttle at the centre of the windscreen, unbolt the heater, remove the heater cable, unbolt steering bush, unbolt fuse box, unbolt inertia switch, disconnect heated windscreen, remove wiper spindles, unbolt scuttle both sides, drill out 1 rivet each side. I think that is it - but still a lot easier than drilling out all the rivets!


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Thanks for the prompt reply John/Grubster.


I don't have a heater (real mans car 😬 ) so that's one less thing to worry about.


I'm confused.... (easy to do *smile* )


If I look at my scuttle panel, the front of it is bent over and riveted to the front bulkhead panel with 20-30 rivets.


The front bulkhead panel and the tray in front of it (where the heater would sit) has the steering column running through it, gel battery, ECU, etc mounted on it as well as the side skin panels bent over it.... are you suggesting that as well as the scuttle panel, that I remove the front bulkhead panel and heater tray....I don't really want to have to remove this if possible (it would be far easier to remove and replace the rivets I think??)


piccie of my engine bay and bulkhead is here


Perhaps I'm missing the point? *confused*



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The problem with not drilling out the rivets and leaving the firewall in place is that you'll have to remove any cables or pipes that go through the firewall. Whether this is a pain depends on how much goes through it and how easy they are to disconnect.


Removing the rivets is really not a big deal and takes less than 10 minutes with an electric drill, and that includes sipping a cup of coffee. You'll also need to remove the 4 nuts, 2 either side, holding the scuttle to the chassis, the tonneau dot fasteners in the middle and the rivet at either end/rear edge at the front of the door sill. The last may be filled and painted so you may have to look for them.


Edited to add wiper spindles 😬


Get hold of an air rivet gun and replacement's a doddle - or replace with rivnuts and screws so its easier to get off next time.




Edited by - Paul Deslandes on 5 Dec 2010 19:16:23

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If removing the firewall with the scuttle, there are two nuts and bolts around the steering tube that also need to be removed and also consider unbolting the fuse box and any earth leads there may be.


LesG riv-nutted his scuttle to the firewall but it is a fair bit of work. I removed mine as a complete unit and it take about 15 mins in total. I replaced the large rivet by the sills with an M5 large domed bolt and riv-nut.






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