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Xflow Oil leak

Baz Hemsley

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Just done oil-change this morning. James Whitting alloy sump. At last oil-change 3000 miles ago, there was a lot of oil leaking from behind the front chrankshaft pulley. I fitted a new oil seal and steel pulley, but this has not stopped the leak. Next step is to order and fit new sump gaskets and another pulley seal- while I'm at it. Any other suggestions appreciated. Have to be careful where I parked, till fixed, some friends have nice block-pavior drives.
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Have you made sure it is not the Oil Pressure Switch, this is located at the front of the engine near the Alternator bracket. Mine was leaking as the diaphram was broken and the oil flowed down the block to behind the crank pully.


Also do not over tighten the sump bolts as this can pinch the gasket and cause leaks, also smear with grease when mounting them to get a good seal. Also when tightening the sump, tighten corner to corner to stop it twisting if you see what I mean.






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With your James whiting sump use a competition sump gasket not a cork OE type. Best ones I have found are from John Wilcox. Also the front cover which holds the front oil seal needs to be tightened up with the oil seal concentric with the pulley or it will leak. This some times gives a slight miss alignment with the sump face, the sump gasket should handle this the seal will not.

Don't believe all the hype, a properly built cross flow should be oil tight..





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My crossflow doesn't leak. But, that's why I rebuilt the engine myself, and on the car. It's crucial to get the sump gasket in the right position and to get the front and rear flexible gaskets to seat properly - a smear of silicone helps, not grease.



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