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Anone know of a good value torque wrench?

A Ashby

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The Halfords ones are good, and I was surprised to find a 'made in the UK' tag on mine. You can save 10% with club gift vouchers don't forget.


Or if you fancy a Clarke, find someone you know with a Machine Mart VAT Free voucher for this weekend and buy them a pint. It'll cost you about a quid more than the VAT you'll save but don't let that worry you *tongue*



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I beg to differ. We use dozens of Norbar wrenches at work and they are idnetical to the halfords units apart from the black/ orange finish. They even have the identical cal cert signed by the same bloke. The handle, shaft dial etc are not just similar they are identical. If they are not made at the same source then they are a damned good copy and use the same cal service.


Exhibit A (the closest to the ones at work that I can see on the web site)




Exhibit B


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ahh, precision reading of my comment required - apologies.


This was what I quoted from your post...

They identical to the Norbar units (ie they are the same manufacturer) and those cost several hundred pounds.

My reply was...

er no they don't!


If I'd been disagreeing with the "identical" part, I'd have said "er, no they aren't"

So I was disagreeing with the "cost several hundred pounds"




£85 from Amazon.


However while we are on the subject, looking at the Halfords webby and the torque wrenches there, I can't find any identical looking ones on the Norbar webby.


However, you are probably right.





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