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Roll-over Bar


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Advice please. Have so far specified a standard roll-over bar for my new Seven, not due for delivery until Feb. Have read somewhere that the alternatives are not just stronger and with extra bracing, but actually taller, making it more likely that my head stays below the line drawn between bar and nose in the unfortunate event of turning upside down. Is this right, or is it old info? What advantage/disadvantage, please, to changing my spec to a track day bar (leaving aside the extra cost)?


Sorry if this point has been covered elsewhere - have not located the word search facility on this forum.

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Hi *wavey* welcome to the madness.

If you can beg steal or borrow a copy of the Feb Low Flying there's a great article showing the difference of most roll bars and cages. The FIA bar is slightly higher and is also a minimum requirement for Club organised track days.

An FIA bar with a lowered floor will normally give you room under the imaginary line. Tillet seats instead of normal leather seats will drop you further.


What have you ordered?

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Not being able to lower my floor, I got a custom bar made by caged. It's taller than the tall bar, and upright, which means I can get my seat all the way back to the bulkhead to accommodate my legs. I'm 6'3" in an S3 though!


I used an SV at my slalom day a while back now, and found I had a lot more room - and had to move the seat forward a fair bit, so I wouldn't have said that the slope on an FIA would be a problem for you. I would get a tall one if it's an option; even if the standard one is ok for you, it might not be once you have a lid on!


Here is a pic of me in an SV with the FIA bar to give you an idea. Thanks Vip for the pic!






Bugsy: '82 2cv6 😬

Talloulah '08 1.6K Classic

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Thanks, guys. The legs v. torso thing occurred to me just after I had posted my height. I take the point. Having read the advice, I guess I'll change my order to go for the Caterham trackday roll-over bar option. I'm not sure I'll ever finish up on a Club trackday, but I'd like to keep the avenue open.
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My advice is go and sit in a car.

I have a roadsport SV 175 with FIA bar and I have had to move the seat all the way back and move the pedals back to get under the line between the bar and the engine block. I am 6 foot tall. The issue for me was the adition of the crash helmet which put me above the line.


I am now just under the line sitting on the seat tray and as far back as I can go.


Every body is a different shape so get your helmet and try a car. Take the seat base out on leather seats to simulate tillets or a plastic tray.


Also check the length of your arms to the wheel in the new position.



Roadsport 175 SV

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I don't know if its allowed but if possible could someone please scan a copy of the Feb Low Flying article on rollbars? I can send you my email address by PM.


The low flying article sounds like something that would be very useful for me.


I have a 2003 Roadsport with the standard Caterham roll bar, a driver's lowered floor and leather S types with the driver seat base removed. My head is only about an inch under the bar so with a helmet I'd be over that.


Greetings from Ireland, weather is ☹️ at the moment! *wavey*

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