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New build SV - just failed IVA at Gillingham


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I finished my build couple of weeks back and had it PBC'ed at Dartford which was a straight forward pass.

It had IVA at Gillingham on Monday (presented by Caterham) and failed on LH and RH headlight beam pattern

Basically faulty headlights rather than any build or alignment problem.

Has anyone else had this?

My car has black headlight bowls - not that that should matter.


Sadly it passed the beam pattern at Caterham but was a fail at VOSA. And caterham hadnt taken any spare lights with them.

Have to say I am not a happy bunny cos it means delay and another set of miles on the clock.

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Mine failed at Leighton Buzzard earlier this year. CC did the PBC but it failed on three items. One was the headlight pattern on one side because.....CC had taken the trouble to tidy up the cabling to the lights (in a fashion not described anywhere in the manual) during the PBC but had wired it back up wrong leaving the main beam as dip and vice versa! I might have been able to solve it at the test site (although the testers were very reluctant about that idea) but one of the other two items was impossible to solve without new parts.


Its hard to see how your fail could have happened though wthout a faulty batch of headlamp bowls. Did CC say what they put it down to?


At least as they are presenting for you you don't have to pay for the retest (like I did!). I am sure it will pass next time.





Duratec R300 SV Build Pics

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I had mine IVA'd by Caterham at Dartford and it got through ok, ,however the PBC ended up costing my over £1200 putting bits right and although as this was my first build I was a annoyed that many of the things that needed 'sorting' I put down to the crap build manual. I agree on the headlight wiring - I had done it as per the manual and then were surprised by the charge for rewiring which was nothing like it was described.


Although I now have a great car I was left with a bad taste, and an empty bank balance, as part of the 'journey'.



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Aitch, what on earth did you get wrong to make the PBC cost you over a grand?! *eek* I'm no mechanical genius (as some on here will be able to tell you!) but the only things needed doing were the wiring to the indicators (CC had installed the loom on the wrong sides) and the handbrake cable was routed incorrectly.


I agree that the manual is complete rubbish, but I'm amazed at the cost of your PBC!


So you know, smug g*t over here passed his SVA first time, despite the washer tube popping off and squirting the tester in the groin *redface* *redface* *redface*






Bugsy: '82 2cv6 😬

Talloulah '08 1.6K Classic

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Sorry to hear about your hitch RV. Been there had that with ours earlier this year. Foglight button telltale light too dim and cycle wings a few mm too far back...


Oh, and remember you CAN drive it to the DVLA inspection if they decide they need one AND they now reckon they DON'T need it anyway on fully new builds post IVA.


Hopefully the CC boys have been giving your new engine the full beans to bed in the rings properly. I do mean that too.




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I honestly don't know what is wrong with the headlight units themselves. The dip, main and full beams seem to work fine for me - but according to caterham it was slightly out of the pattern at Gillingham and therefore a fail. They claim it was ok on their tester - but how could it be if the pattern is from the light unit itself.


Anyway - it's basically that they have to replace the light units themselves at no charge to me. They are also taking 2 spares as well.

Seems very odd.

This was the only thing it failed on.

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according to caterham it was slightly out of the pattern at Gillingham and therefore a fail. They claim it was ok on their tester
Hmm I think I can smell male bovine dung, especially as the L & R are different units, so unlikely to be two batches "faulty".


Martin H's explanation of his beam pattern failure seems to be more in line with CC's QA



Playing Devil's Advocate - it's my job *wink*

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