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whats a 1.4k series and exhaust worth?


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After somewhat foolishly driving my roadsport 125 into a tree I'm looking to build another, but I'd like the 175. Whilst the 175 option looks expensive on the price list, is it actually any cheaper to do it yourself?

For example road and race's duratec 180 is £5500, but after adding anciliaries, ecu exhaust etc it comes to ~9K - add that to the price of a classic kit + the bits you need to make it a roadsport and it ends up within a whisker of just buying caterhams 175. BUT I would end up with a new 1.4K engine , exhaust and bellhousing to sell - What would that be worth in todays money?


Has anyone done anything like this and is it worth it?




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Just bought a new kit and took a credit for the engine, gearbox, exhaust and diff, hood and a few other bits. It's much cheaper doing it that way and you end up with the car you want. I'll end up with a car that has spec a better than R500 for R400 money. You need to speak to Nick at Caterham Midlands as the sales guys down south are not interested. Not sure where there difference is between the £5500 Duratec engine you mention and mine because I paid £1550 from Powertorque (R300 engine without the sump)







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