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Stud length for MB wheels?

The Pikey

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Are you using standard nuts or the correct jobbies for your MB wheels?


The currect nuts are actually stepped and go right through the hole in the wheel thus picking up on threads that do not protrude.


Upgrades - a screaming KV05+something more Radical





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I've got some spare studs (8 of for rear wheels) - bought them few weeks back and didn't realise I already had the longer studs. Still in packaging PM me if interested!





don't thinkblatmail is working so can you send me an email to

thejetrebel at gmail.com






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I too need to change the studs on my rear wheels for similar reasons.


What is the quickest/easiest way to fit the new 40mm studs.


I was hoping i could just unbolt the bearing carrier, unbolt the brake caliper and pull the halfshaft out the diff and get to the back of the hub...but i guess the brake disk covers the back of the hub, making the studs inaccessible??


Do I have to undo the big nut, remove the hub from the end of the half shaft and then remove the brake disk, before i can get to the studs??


Advice welcome *smile*



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Yes indeedy !


The thin-headed bolts on my rear hubs were well and truly stuck in place with loads of loctite. Needed a lot of heat to get them moving. An impact wrench and hexagonal (not 12-point) socket with the open face ground down to remove the radiused end will help too.


Once you get the disc off the hub, the studs just bash out with a big hammer, or perhaps a socket and vice if you want to be gentler !




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