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orange colour


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hi can anyone give me an idea of what they call the bright orange colour many caterhams are painted in,just the flat orange not the peal or metallic please.

a few pics would be nice as well.



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I had my HPC repsrayed in a very bright orange that looked orange even when it wasn't too light or at night whereas the oranges I looked at initially were more red-orange in sunlight but then became browner when the light went darker if that makes sense. I wanted a very bright orange and this is definitely the one!


My HPC was sprayed in a Harley Davidson colour, bikes tending to have much brighter metalwork as a) they have a much smaller surface area so they need to be as bright as possible to be seen and b) because they are smaller, they don't overpower the car as it might if an MPV was done in the same colour!


There's a few pics here





Back in a BEC! - But trying to get into Class 1...

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My Superlight R is painted in Mclaren Orange. When my 7 is alongside another 7 painted in Aztec Orange, they seem to be the same colour.

Have a look at the pics taken yesterday on Chit Chat under 'Eastbourne Magnificent Motors PICTURES, taken by StEVEN. Look at the two orange 7's with black nose bands. My Superlight is on the left & StEVEN's is the other one.I'm sure his is Aztec Orange.

Hope this helps




Superlight R'66 GMS 'Flying Very Low'...

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As far as Tony at TSK knows there's only 2 7s in Porsche Orange 8C6, mine + 1 other.

It does look good in any light.


I was torn between the Lambourghini Orange & Ford ASBO Orange initially but settled on the Porsche colour as it's much easier to paint, IIRC it has a white base.


Porsche GT3 RS Orange R300 Superlight

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When my 7 is alongside another 7 painted in Aztec Orange


When I spoke to Tony @ TSK a few weeks back to arrange the respray of my car I mentioned Aztec vs McLaren orange - his response was that they are one and the same.


He painted my car last week, and to echo many others on here he has done a superb job - I am extremely pleased with the result *thumbup* 😬, and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a respray.



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