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Radtec radiator replacement


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Anybody have any experience with the Radtec replacement radiator herefor K series engined cars?

My current radiator is 3 a year old from CC and is the current aluminium cored with the crimped on plastic tanks. I think this is the same as the troublesome one on the Sigma powered cars. Is it possible to repair these when they leak around the crimped on tank?



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Hi Malcolm My Rad is a alloy tanked type not plastic but it is criped together and it had a little leak *cry* so I put some holts Radweld is for a couple of blats then I got a small G clamp and tweeked the crimps 😳 and its been fine ever since thats about 10,000 miles ago 😬 Regards Paul
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Hi Malcolm - several of us bought Radtec radiators about 3 or 4 years ago. Michael has had to replace his and I have just binned mine. They are great at cooling but both mine and Michaels eventually started leaking from the joints between the header tanks and the core and there doesn't seem to be a way of repairing this.

I have bought a standard Caterham one but with the alloy header tanks this one here. It's marked as for Ford engines but it has all the right fittings for an EU2 K series. The plastic tanked version seems to have an extra (small) connection in the top tank which I would have had to blank off.


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Malcolm, I fitted a Radtec to my K-Series last year. I wasn't happy with the cooling (esp in traffic) of my standard rad so upgraded to this (I also did the fan upgrade option). It is a nice unit that appears (to me) to be well made, fitment was very easy. The results were exactly as I wanted. I now have no problems in high temperatures, in traffic or on motorways where the temps used to get too high for my liking. In lower temps (i.e. this time of year) I now need to blank off a bit of the nose cone otherwise it overcools.


I have had no problems with leaks so far but I haven't had it in as long as some of the others who have experienced problems but my use is nearly all road so maybe harder track use is the problem.


All in all I am very happy with the choice.





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Malcolm I also have the Ford one from CC but I haven't used it yet so can't report on how effective it is. The inlet and exit pipes are a mm or two larger than the Rover rad but the (silicone) hoses fitted without a problem.


I bought mine about 3 or 4 weeks ago so they haven't been out of stock since December.



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