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Why nearside rear wing notch?


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Why do Caterham continue to only offer their rear wings (in either fiberglass or carbon fiber) only in the version with the notch cut out of the lower leading edge of the left side (nearside) for a possible rear-exit exhaust pipe? Is this tradition, habit, or just inertia?


Surely this is a vestigial remnant akin to the human appendix, now that many Caterhams have a side-exit exhaust -- and with the new Duratec and Sigma engines, an exhaust system that is located on the opposite side of the car entirely.


Do any independent wing suppliers offer a version of the nearside rear wing without this notch, but otherwise identical in shape and width to the factory offering?





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I asked the same question when I picked up the CSR from CC Midlands. All they said was, its in hand :)


Out of interest, do the CSRs that go to places like Switzerland have driver side arches with the bit missing as their exhaust have to exit at the rear?


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My 1993 1400Kss was factory built with a completely internal exhaust system and 16inch wheels. I think the HPC cars also had these options.


Both rear wings go to the bottom of the body at the front. I've since fitted a side exit exhaust system with no problems as the tailpipe stops in front of the LH rear wing.


So, Caterham must have had a supplier for full length LH rear wings somewhere. My guess is Dartford Composites (who used to make the fibreglass bits for CC) may be able to help.


I intend to contact them to see if there was a difference in clamshell wings on cars that had 16 inch wheels fitted. The replacement one I got from Woodcote doesn't match the shape of the original.


Hope this helps,



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