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#170 No, I'm not commenting on your ability either way. I'm saying that if the cage is under 'constant revision' then whoever is constantly revising it, when neither of the items it connects to are changing (as far as we know?), then the implication is they they don't know what they're doing.

I'm just trying to make sense of what you're saying. You say CC have suggested the bracket has been revised by adding more weld. That wouldn't stop it fitting in the way you have implied the two you bought wouldn't. 

The cage I got with my new diff in 2020 was identical to the one on my old diff from 2015. The original one was actually assembled by Titan during 2014, c/w with, as written on the invoice, the 'new' bracket. It's well known that up until around 2014, the brackets failed quite regularly and there were several updates to it and the diff back plate. I'm not aware of issues since that time and that makes me wonder why they would feel there was a need to revise it.

Having said that, there may have been a bit more weld on the bracket somewhere but, as I've already said, that shouldn't prevent it fitting. I'm also aware of at least 4 others who did exactly as I did in the past 18 months; bought a new open diff with bracket and fitted a SPC LSD, none of them had any trouble fitting the brackets on their new diffs to their cars.

I do see that at some point the cage part number has changed from 30AO60A to 30AO60D but in CC's normal way, there's no telling why, when or what the change was. Maybe its an issue with race cars? It wouldn't be the first time they changed parts and assemblies to cure race car issues that don't benefit most of us and occasionally have a negative effect, as you will know.

At the moment I can only reach the conclusion that the 2 brackets you were sold were incorrect dimensionally, even CC wouldn't knowingly deliberately modify a component so that it no longer fits. Would they? 



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As an aside, in #167 Mark recorded CC as saying consistent revision rather than constant revision.  I guess consistent could be interpreted as a policy of continuous improvement?


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#173 John, you're absolutely right, my mistake. I see now that Mark is suggesting that as both his cages were the same and didn't fit, the change was consistent. 

However, I think my main points still stand.  

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I've given the entire situation a lot of thought, and I still don't see why I struggled to fit both of the new carriers. As mentioned the lower legs were closer in but nothing more, I think there was just over 4mm difference. The only impact I can see is that the threads are further away when passing the bolt through the chassis etc, thus the impact from any misalignment exaggerated.

When I tried fitting the carriers I tried a couple of approaches.

  1. Top bolt in, then secure the bottom; or
  2. Secure the bottom two, then lift the diff up to the top bolt and secure the top bolt.

When I used the second approach it became clear I was hitting my boot floor and just couldn't get the diff high enough to insert the top bolt.  This issue just wasn't present with my old carrier.  I actually ended up buying the second carrier at my own cost, all adding to the rather expensive bill.

I do have faith in the person I spoke to at CC, he has been head and shoulders above most so I'm happy to take his comments at face value and trust his feedback.   It was the chap that performed my 620R revisions.  

Unlike the person that comically packaged a 420R top radiator cooling hose in small box and damaged it through stress by bending it back on itself, and is now refusing to acknowledge the damage.  But that's another story.  Another 80 quid down the drain trying to improve faults.......  Redcard 


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