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winding back rear caliper pistons

jamie adams

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i have done a search but to no avail.


what is the recommended way of winding back the piston on standard sierra rear calipers, do they go back automatically if ratated or do they need a special tool to put pressure on as well ?? thanks jamie

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Or long nosed pliers - cheaper than the £20 tool (because I'm tight *wink*) - but trickier.

I keep meaning to make a tool, and will wish I had the next time I need one, so I'll use long nosed pliers and swear a little 😬

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AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH all makes sense now, i just tried with pliers and there seems to be a direct link between it moving and me swearing. the pads have completely disintegrated in less than 2.5 k so i think i will get the tool ...thanks all


myles ....so you are not supposed to unbolt the whole caliper and wave it about then......well at least i didnt spread caliper grease all over the disc!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jamie - not unless you've fitted flexi rear hoses... (about £30 delivered from CC) - makes working-on and bleeding the rears so much easier - and according to JAG (who makes/designs/somethings calipers at the company that originally produced the sierra-rears), it should even-up pad-wear between the inner and outer pads - the hard-lines act as an unhelpful spring.


Project Scope-Creep is live...


Alcester Racing 7's Equipe - 🙆🏻



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Get the tool. I did my first rear pad change using the Long nosed plier method and it took hours...


Re pads - the weren't ferrodo per chance? I had a set of DS2500 compound in the rears of my car and they disintegrated and welded themselves to the discs in just 3000 miles...


I've refitted the 1144 compound Mintex

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