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2002 Fireblade

Roger Doidge

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2002 Fireblade 3500 miles in Portofino blue.(A Fiat colour) Alloy rad.

Wide Track front suspension with Fireblade mods.

Dry sumped Honda CBR900 engine with Dynojet kit fitted to carbs.

Fireblade 6 speed sequential gearbox.

James Whiting reverser box.

Live axle with drum brakes.

Plumbed in Fire Extiguisher.

TransLogic gear position indicator.

SPA Programmable shift lights.

FIA Cut out.

FIA Rollbar

Caterham wind deflector and SPA race mirrors.

D shaped removable steering wheel.

Tillet seats and Luke 4 point Harnesses.

Two sets of wheels, road wheels are Compomotive split rim with Dunlop Formula R road legal tyres. Race wheels are Wolfrace alloys with Avon slicks.

There is a box of sundry bits, mostly redundant bits from the original build, but there is a spare pair of cycle wings, a 12 plate clutch basket( the standard is 10 plate which seems perfectly adequate) .

Dolly Trailer with winch and loading ramps.


A couple of comments on the above spec.

The brakes are standard and inspite of having drums at the rear, because of the light weight ( just over 400kgs) you can break very late and deep into the corner.

Both the reverser box and the gearbox have been 100% trouble free inspite of what has sometimes been said to the contrary. The reverser box is a very simple device operated by a seperate lever and when it is in forward drive, the drive is straight through so there are virtually no losses.

I put a new clutch in when I bought the car ( an easy job for a bike mechanic ) and this has also been trouble free.

The road tyres are coming to the end of their life and are rubbish in the wet, the Avon slicks have done one track day at Mas du Clos at the end of last year (superb circuit!) As a guide to tyre life, the car had a set of half worn slicks when I bought it and these lasted to the end of last season. The same applies to brakes, 400kgs doesn`t take much steering or stopping!


The car is currently to be seen at Milwood priced at £14,999 they are selling it for me and I would accept £14,500.

You can email me at lamaisondesbois3@wanadoo.fr for photos or deal with Jon at Millwood,but please phone before travelling.01453 544321


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Sad to see you are selling this car Roger, I still remember chasing you down the road on the Saturday evening of the town hall party when we were giving one or two impromptu demo runs on the 2003 Bordeaux Blat. *wink*


This is an impressively quick car


Are you replacing it with anything 🤔





R 417.39 😬

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There you go Tony, you could have a matching pair *thumbup* Just think of the savings to be had on touch up paint alone 😬


You said you were after another 7 and I can vouch for the provenance of this one. *cool* *tongue*





R 417.39 😬


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