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Halfords own brand oil


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I ran it for 3 years without a problem in a 186 / 206 bhp K


In a nutshell , in my opinion 😬, there are better formulated oils , there are oils that cost more , there are oils that look similar but are not the same , but for our use , in our cars , with the oil changed every 3000 miles for road , sprint and occasional trackday , the Halfords 5w40 own brand oil I think is more than adequate for the job in a K series engine *smile*



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I used it for a couple of years on my 190bhp VHPD with absolutely no problems.

Agree with all Dave says, in our application where we change oil so frequently and (hopefully) pay attention to things like letting the engine warm up properly before thrashing, and watching oil temps...etc it is more than adequate.

That said I did my own little 'bulk buy' of Mobil 1 when Halfords had an offer on that a while ago, so I've still got about 3 changes worth of that in the garage now 😳



Edited for typo 🙆🏻





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I've used Halfords fully synth 5-40 and Mobil 1 both seem to operate exactly the same to me, same oil temps and oil pressure. There again you would expect that as they are manufactured to the same spec. API number thingy etc


Phil S7SVN

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here have been a lot of postings which suggest that SynerG and Halfrauds 5w40 synthetic are in fact the same oil produced by the same company, so you should be ok.


Only if you have a look at the two side by side, the Halfords oil is slightly lighter and is hence probably not the same oil.


If it's any confirmation - I've run Halfords 5w40 for the last few years and have been v pleased. Angus's comment about the BOGOF campaigns and Apollo systems is spot on *thumbup*



1400 Supersport with 6 gears and clamshell wings *smile*

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