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Flapping cycle wing


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Out for an evening blat last night and, blow me, the NS cycle wing came adrift a few seconds after dropping down from around 90mph *eek*. On pulling over it was apprent that both wings have been stuck onto the metal carriers with silicone mastic or something similar. Over time the water had got under the powder coating, corroded the steel and shed it's skin complete with soundly adhered silicone. I guess the previous owner must have done this to avoid unsightly screws heads or didn't have any bolts. Fortunately it was still held on to the front arm but it was a case of pulling it off and stashing it in the boot.


What is the best way of fixing these on permanently and is there a way of disguising mechanical fixings 🤔, I really don't want it to happen again *thumbdown*

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Thanks guys. Look like the business (just checked out their website). Simply bond these to the underside with a few layers of matting and resin?


Do you know what size I need and where I can obtain the small qty required? Presumably they will accept a nyloc nut?

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Unfortunately you missed my bulk order a couple of weeks ago... 🙆🏻


You will find out that Bigheads only take order of over £50. One set works out at £11.20 so you need 4 fellow blatchatters. You will also need some silkabond 292, a 300ml tub of this is £18.


It's a good solution to the problem.





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I bonded my Big Heads on with this stuff


I have pulled with a fair bit of pressure and also speed tested at 130mph on a few occassions (private test track obviously 😬) and they're still firm. No link to the company other than a satisfied customer (on numerous occasions) great service, next day delivery...etc

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