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Engine transplant help


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Hi Guys, sorry to be a pest again!


I want to swop my 1.6ss k series for something a bit pokier. I will be looking to source the engine from a Rover.


I have heard that parts of the engine need to be 'shaved' off to make it fit.


Could someone just give me a brief outline of what needs to be done and how hard it is and will I need any more parts etc.


I assume I will need to take the sump off my engine and put on the new one?


Another concern is that I will probably be going the VVC route and have heard they are a little longer at the top. Would this leave enough room for my Apollo tank?


Would anyone like to recommend doing anything else to the car while the engine is out?


Do I literally just need the engine & ECU from a Rover to do the job? Do I need any other wires etc?


Many thanks.

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If you want to swap to a 1.8 then there is no problem but make sure you buy the engine with loom, ECU and the emobiliser unit (under the dash) and the key fobs, you should get all this for about £600 to 800. a VVC unit will be about £800 to 1000 and again you need all the wiring. If you do not get the matched ecu , imob and keys it will set you back about £200 to get rover to re-match them.


The bit to shave off is behind the starter so that it fits close enough to the block, just copy your 1.6.


TEh VVC is no longer but taller than the 1.6 or 1.8 so has to be mounted lower, so new engine mounts needed, also new water rail to clear the VVC pulley.


TEh other option is new crank, to convert your 1.6 to 1.8, see this weeks low flying.



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Much easier to swap for a non-VVC 1800. You can keep your existing loom and all electricals, excepting a change of ecu and 5AS unit. If you complete the change with a lightweight flywheel, and possibly a 52mm TB, you're likely to have a power unit that will be as much fun as the VVC, for a lot less fuss/expense *thumbup*


Your location states "Lancs"- are you going to he Blundell Arms on wednesday - we can delve deeper into the engine options?



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Simon, thanks for that. I didn't realise I needed all the bits. Will make sure I get them if I proceed.


Stu, I was supposed to be going but it is my girlfriends mums birthday and we have to go out to dinner! I will make sure I am at the next. I may send you an e-mail tomorrow to find out more options though. I have potentially found an engine at a reasonable price and just want to make sure it will work.

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Have a word with Luke Beaumont. He is going Duratec and has a modified 175 bhp VVC with all the ancillaries you need for sale. This includes a EBD 4-2-1 exhaust with Raceco silencer. You should be able to do the swop over a weekend.


Don't think for one minute I am being altruistic. I want Luke to sell his VVC so he can buy more Duratec bits from me! 😬 He also has a VVC number plate for sale to go with the motor. L7 VVC I think it is.


The engine and ancillaries are a bargain considering the time and money he has spent on them.



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Hi Ammo,


Already had a word with Luke but too much £££.


I am looking at a similar or higher spec engine to Luke but will be less than £1500 fitted.


I then just need someone to provide me with a cheap exhaust.


Thanks anyway. I think the Duratec option is way out of my budget too.

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Wahey, is it not better to stick a modified VVC head on a non-VVC engine? It's my understanding that this is far more tuneable in the long run. If you wanted to convert to 1.8 from 1.6 you can just change crank and pistons and botch the fuel pressure regulator I believe. So why lose the old block/loom/ECU etc...?





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Because I hadn't thought of that!!


Anyone any ideas what that lot would cost me? Anyone got any of the parts?


The main reason why I am looking to do an engine transplant rather than start modifying my current engine is cost. I have been down the modifying route with another car and I can just end up spending crazy amounts on something of not much benefit.


I am just looking at a straight engine swop because I reckon for not much over a grand I can have an engine designed to put out 160bhp for 100k miles in a standard Rover.


I would have thought that to get near that with my engine I would need throttle bodies, ECU, new this that & the other which I would have thought would set me back the best part of £2k.


Feedback on this would of course be appreciated as I could be going completely the wrong way about it.



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Point of order..


To change from a 1.6 to a 1.8 you change the crank *and rods*, that is assuming that you can remove the existing pistons from the 1.6 rods and place them on the 1.8 rods without damaging them which is no easy task. Then there is the matter of the 1.8s longer stroke taking the pistons higher and lower in the liner than they have been before...


Best solution is to re-ring the pistons and use new liners.



I have a number of 1800 conrod sets, pistons sets and cranks, both new and used. I also have a low mileage sport 160 engine from an Elise which has been refreshed with new bearings.





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