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Flywheel & clutch


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What's the general opinion on replacing the std flywheel on a 1.8 K with a lighter one. Either a lightened steel one, or one of the sexy aluminium ones 🤔


Second question. My clutch cover has got AP stamped all over it but no part number. It's a conventional cover & friction plate, not one of the small multi-plate type. Is this likely to be the std Caterham part or has this been an upgrade by the previous owner 🤔


Thanks in advance, Dave in a very heavily overcast & wet Scotland *mad*

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Dave, I recently upgraded from a 1.8k (standard flywheel) to a 1.8kss (lightened flywheel), the engine feels much more responsive now, revs pick up much more freely than before, drop off is quicker as well. Tickover is not as smooth, how much is due to ss package and how much due to flywheel is difficult to tell, but given that one of the jobs of the flywheel is to balance this out it must have some impact. I do not find this a problem at all, the idle is set slightly higher to compensate.


All in all, if I had the gearbox out I would do the change, mine is the Caterham offering so I can't comment on any other items. Given some of the horror stories that have been told on here before I would certainly make sure it was from a recognised source before buying anything else though.


Can't help with the clutch I'm afraid.





Superlight #85

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I'm a little suspicious about aluminium flywheels. Doesn't seem to be the correct material for something spinning so fast and containing the starter ring. Where is Chris Flavell when you need him...??? OK, I'll have a go, steel has the ability to flex a little without any detrimental result. Any flex in ali results in microfractures. I would say that over time this is likely to lead to failure.


That said, I've seen some ali flywheels on the web somewhere. The looked nice, but I'm yet to be convinced about their durability over time. Perhaps if you wanted the ultimate for a race car, acknowledging that you'd check it out each season...


I believe there are 3 types of Caterham standard flywheel. Mines the middle one, often referred to as either the SLR or SS type. The R500 is the one I'd go for if I had the choice.


Rough running at idle is entirely down to mapping. I have the same one as mentioned by Graham above, with probably far more aggressive cams (Piper 1227) and mine idles turbine smooth at 1050rpm. Different ECU you see... *cool*

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Yes it is.


And of course the interesting thing about the relative weights of any rotational mass is not to be confused if there is only a little difference in their static weights. There isn't a lot of difference in static weight between the SLR and R500 flywheels but their rotational masses are dramatically different.

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This prob won't help you lot too specifically.

I fitted a Fidanza ali flywheel to the Cosworth YB engine in my cat over the winter.It weighs 9 kg lighter than the standard Ford item.I am using the standard clutch.It has made a stunning difference in engine responsiveness and pick up.The only downside is a small amount of hunting hen the engine is just coming off coldstart.Also the YB feels much smoother through the rpm range.I have no issues with aluminiun is used and specced correctly.Anyone watche the wings on the last flight they went on?

If you see the material spec and the quality of the Fidanza wheels you may well agree with me, but each to their own.I must admit i struggled to fit it as i thought it looked better on the mantlepiece, although the missus didn't see my point.....

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My wifes scales would indicate that the R500 flywheel that CC have sent weighs in at 3.15 KG. This is slightly heavier than I was expecting. Is there any way of differentiating between the SLR & R500 flywheels visually 🤔


Thanks in advance, Dave.



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