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Rain X , pro,s and con's......

Nigel Riches

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......does this stuff really make a big difference to the rain water removal?, do you need new wiper rubbers? any detrimental effect on Ali bodywork? any thoughts gratefully received, regards Nigel.


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It helps but doesn't make a huge amount of difference mainly because of the lack of clean airflow around the screen. On a tin top it virtually eliminates the need to use wipers altogether. You rub it on the screen and polish off so no effect on bodywork.



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As Nigel wrote, Rain-X is brilliant on a tintop where there is some aerodynamic flow to help it - wipers are virtually unecessary. Really bizarre, but true!


I did the Caterham's screen and it didn't work at all - the air hits it head on I think, so the droplets that form just sit there, or make their way very slowly up the screen.




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I carry a bottle in the boot after having the wipers stop one day (broken linkage) and if you keep your foot planted on the loud pedal then it does work and can be enough to get you home. I've had to use it to get back from a trackday after linkage broke and it did me proud.




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Yep - same experience for me as most people have already reported....


...amazing stuff on a tintop above about 40mph, useless on a 7 windscreen, pretty useless (or worse than useless) on a helmet visor with a JPE screen (not enough airflow - just left micro-drops all over the screen.


Might try it again with my own AR7E screen at some point - as the visor seems to clear reasonably well anyway.


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I use it and find it helps. It's cheap and a bottle lasts a long time. So give it a try for yourself.

As already mentioned rake of screen on 7 does not help, but I find it useful when there is light rain as it sometimes eleiminates having to put wipers on or at least delays the time before you have to put the wipers on and cope with all that streaking caused by the road film, dead flies etc.


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Hi nigelriches,


I always use rain X.


A brillliant invention. But not so good on side windows and rear as it forms large water bubbles and actually obscures vision.


There is a better version of rain X which is called " Glaco" which I used to use in Japan. I don't know if it is available in Europe though.


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Dunno.. My efforts/experiences with Rain X have been less than Happy..

Basically not worth the effort needed to apply it ... let alone buy.

Virtually ineffective on any of my Family's 3 Cars .

Simply Waxing the windshield.. Yup ..using regular Car Wax.. seems to give a Much better result.. rain just blows right off, and it seems to survive Wiper use.. for about a week.

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Good gear!. My wipers packed up one day and I drove all the whole day without wipers. It's true that droplets form on the screen but visibility MUCH better. Easily good enough to drive on. I also put their anti-fog stuff on the inside of screen and you can also get some to mix in with windscreen wash.


I'd feel naked without it now! 😬

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Folks, in case any of you are interested, I happen to have helped the folks who have invented this set-up their web-shop.


It's not wax, oil, teflon or silicone based, it uses nano-technology to make the screen 'hydrophobic'. The coating last for about a year or 20k km.


It's in German, but since I am about to secure US market rights I am in the process of translating the manual. Several TV shows have tested it, as well as the TÜV. Results are very convincing.


Let me know if you're interested.



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Guys, great-stuff, have used it on the Saab for years.


It tends to wear off after 3-4 weeks - albeit I tend to travel a fair bit in 3-4 weeks


At reasonable speed no need for wipers it just falls off the screen, for those who are interested, one of the minis used it at Goodwood revival in the pouring rain and did not need wipers...






Raceco can on and it looks stunning




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You have to keep reapplying it regularly or you get a broken up surface that is terrible to

look through when wet and very difficult to remove.


I did use it on my visor with quite good results. There have been other threads about the suitability of using it on plastics.


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I have used it on the tin top and as others have said, the effect is quite remarkable as you don't need the wipers at all when travelling fairly quickly *thumbup*


I did find, though, that it is far less effective if there is just a fine spray of rain. It seems to work best with heavyish rain.





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