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X-flow oil pressure mystery (this is weired!)

YW Sin

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Now this is new and no body could find the cause yet *eek*


My 1.7 X-flow oil pressure drops to 1 bar from 2 when revved.


Lower end of the engine has been opened up and all the bearings are found normal.


I have installed high capacity oil pump from RK but same result. ( just better pressure when at idle )


Have been calling around but no body has any clue.


Anybody has any idea?


A ll standard, Classic 1.7 X-flow *cool*


Edited by - yw sin on 12 May 2003 14:30:19

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Often Oil pressure Relief valves behave badly.

Perhaps you should pull it out and replace the Piston with a comparable sized Ball bearing (more Reliable).. also replace the spring if Possible.

Not much else to try.

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The oil pressure relief valve is fitted to the pump on the X/Flow so the new pump would have sorted that but I would very strongly suspect the pick up pipe could be allowing air to leak in somewhere above the oil level.


Once the oil is in the pump it is under pressure from there rather than suction so I can't envisage any other scenario that would cause the pressure to drop when the engine is revved.


My first thoughts when I read your post was 'faulty gauge or sender' but you seem to have eliminated that so it definitely sounds to me like a pick up pipe problem.



Bloody thing won't start ☹️

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I will call the garage man (Mr. Claude Rucheton of Ruphil garage-boid colombes. He was an ex-chamion of lotus seven race France years back I think) to double check the pick up pipe tomorrow. He is also very curious to find out what is causing all this 😬
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