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engine cleaning...


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there's gunk and smegma on our engine from targa-liege 2002 and the head gasket failure.


i got a can of gunk spray cleaner this past week for cleaning out the engine bay.


ignoring the obvious places to not get wet, alternator and TB's, any reason to not do this?


i recognise that i need to be careful with mr. spray nozzle doing this *confused* *eek*



210Bhp Sinister Version-VHPD here

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smegma is the kindest thing one can call it. we came into a village on targa-liege in the rain/sleet into a cow parade. got a great shot here 🙆🏻and here that bottom or arse 🙆🏻 of said cows were higher than bonnet of an (gasp) SV. thus cow products cookled all over the place.... and have been cleaning up for some time now.... *mad*



210Bhp Sinister Version-VHPD here

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Aaaargh. Got an email from MSN to say that they won't allow photos anymore unless one subscribes to their service. Looks like I'll have to make a proper website now.


Thanks for letting me know.




1.8K SV 140hp see it here

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Steve, Ignoring all the rest of the cr*p on this thread, I recently cleaned my X Flow following a rocker cover gasket failure.


I used Autoglym engine cleaner which is biodegradeable and doesn't lift the road surface *eek*


I took the battery out and covered the alternator, coil, starter motor, and various exposed sensor switches with tin foil (DO remove the battey first).Foil is easier to shape and wrap than cling film. Disconnect the plug leads.


A good spray around, working with a brush where necessary, worked wonders, followed by a wash down with a hose (not high pressure).


While the engine is still wet, spray it with Autoglym rubber and vinyl care - the effect is fantastic - all black and shiny *biggrin*


Be VERY careful to remove all the tinfoil before reconnecting the battery . I left a bit on which caused some interesting sparks *eek*


Dry the the plug bodies, and spray them with WD40.


Cross fingers and turn key *thumbup*


Only problem was some overspray/splashing on the the body work which required a bit of polishing, but no damage.


Sad thing is, I keep taking the lid off to look at the shiny engine 😳




Trying to get out of the garage

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Pressure washer works Beautifully.. just don't run the full 1500psi (it's adjustable)

And put a plastic bag over yer distributor and Perhaps Alternator if the Cautious type.. I don't and have been doing this annually on all my cars for 15 years now.

Just be aware of the possible damage from overzealous usage and all will be well.

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