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Anglia Sevens build?


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Hi All,


Thanks be to Mr Gilbert for the recomendation of RaceCo and Anglia Sevens for builiding me a 7 with a Duratec.


Has anybody got any nice things to say about Anglia Sevens build quality?


Thanks in advance, Bert 😬

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Anglia Sevens is run by Mark Hicks who is an ex-Lotus employee who has worked for various racing teams including the Jordan and Williams F1 teams and the Bentley Le Mans team.


I met Mark through the local (Norfolk & Suffolk group) about a year ago and since then he has become a good friend of mine, therefore you may think I'm a bit biased but I can assure you that I'm not going to say anything on here that isnt true.


Hopefully a few other people from the Norfolk & Suffolk group will be along to back up what i'm about to say.


What Mark doesnt know about car building and setup probably isnt worth knowing, as can be demonstrated if you try to keep up with his 100bhp crossflow on a country lane - he and it can go round corners like nothing I've ever seen *eek*


He has a huge workshop just outside Norwich which he keeps meticulously clean and tidy and has equpped it with all the things you'd expect to see such as engine cranes and cornerweight scales.


If you email me offline I can refer you to a development version of his website, I cant publish the address on here just yet because the site is nowhere near finished but it will give you an idea of what its like.


In summary, Mark is a top bloke and you wont be disappointed. If I had the money for a Duratec conversion I'd be round to see him like a shot *thumbup*




P8MRA - Red and Black 1.6K supersport, back on the road at last. See pictures of it being rebuilt here

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I can also vouch for Mark Hick's "credentials" He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Se7ens, having owned and looked after one himself for many years, and has a strong background in dealing with F1 cars.

He has done a few things on my car and I have been very pleased. Others who have used his facilities in our area have expressed nothing but complete satisfaction.

In my opinion using Anglia Sevens to build your car be a decision that you would not regret. If you speak with Mark and visit his premises you will not be disappointed.

Geof Carlton-Smith. 7 club Suffolk area organiser. *thumbup*

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*thumbup* Mark is a top man and anyone in the Eastern region should consider using his services that are many and varied. We are fortunate to have someone of his ilk setting up shop on our doorstep.

Not only are his services as good and usually better than the "" approved "" ones but are fiscally beneficial. Also, his premises offer mobile shoe washing and cleaning courtesy of Sue?s (the better halfs) four legged friends.

I can recommend him without reservation as he finds out about your problems before you know you have them and so is always prepared!

Now that?s magic. *thumbup*


C7 RSR The big blue one. With tool compartment, BBQ, correct caster sugar and big toe in the water.

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Highly recommend both parties both Raceco and Anglia Sevens are run by true professionals.

If you've seen the quality of Ammo's engineering, then your trust is well placed with him supplying Duratecs. The Raceco components are absolutely top notch bits of kit and Ammo has many years experience in the motorsport industry.

As far as Anglia Sevens go, I can whole heartedly recommend them.

You will find that the premises of Anglia Sevens reflect greatly on Mark's professionalism and background in the motorsport industry.

Everyone who has had work done at Anglia Sevens has commented on their sheer disbelief on how well a seven can be made to handle with simple adjustments and the quality of work that Mark is able to acheive.

The best thing to do in my opinion is to pop over and see him, have a chat, a good look around his premises and drink his coffee, then place your order!

I know it's always an apprehensive step when dealing with a new business set up, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed!





Aeroscreened Superlight 1600, the way God intended.

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If Frank Williams will have him fix his car then I'm sure you won't be disappointed 😬


Top chap is our Mr Hicks. As Bob says he finds solutions to problems before you knew you had, them but you'll notice the difference once he's sorted them. *thumbup* *thumbup* *wink*


Forgot to mention, he's the man you need on a blat too. If your thingymmjig needs adjusting at the "pit stop" you can guarantee he'll be under the bonnet quicker than you can say "watch the bloody exhaust"....appropriately adorning heatproof gloves. *thumbup* *thumbup* *thumbup* 😬 😬




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