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possibly the best personal Plate for a 7 (next to Caterham's very own 7 DUO that is)


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Yep, I've sold my former 7 and decided to part with my personal plate A7 DUO


I secured it by chance a couple of years ago and it looked great on my B-reg Supersprint and then my R-reg Superlight, but now I've bought an R500 I've decided to buy and R500*** plate. It is being put on retention as we speak by DVLA (which includes the transfer fee to your vehicle of £105). Summary: all paid up, ready to go on your 7


Asking £750 all in to cover my costs. drop me an email if interested - be quick, its got to go this week.




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yes, but this is 'A' 7 DUO - (as in "this is a 7 couple")retailed at DVLA for £399 several years ago + transfer of £80, I paid £650 for it two years ago privately and just paid a further £105 to have it ready for the next person to transfer: hence the £750 price tag. Moreover I've even had it valued by two plate dealers, one put it at £950, the other £1200. The trouble is they will only return a guaranteed £750 - the rest is commission for them for selling it, so I thought I'd try the 7 club first.


email ms81@cant.ac.uk if anyone has any genuine interest in it, thanks

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Very good Steve, I could change my name to Quentin, in the meantime this is the wrong place for this discussion so perhaps we should let Matthew get on and sell his registration. Mind you we have kept it up the top.




P.S. I think £750 is too cheap for A7 DUO!!!!!!!!!! 😬

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Thanks guys and for info (whether anyone agrees with personal plates or not) Personal Q plates are available from DVLA in October 03 for the first time, so Q7*** will be available with your initials from £399 - lets see if that changes anyone's opinion.


happy motoring, and lets remember its the car that we really all love - the plate is just a finishing touch that won't make it go any faster (unless you've got a nice short one like 7 DUO of course, and can chop nearly half of it off to improve areo-dynamics at the front - tee hee; not there's a good justification for them).


Matt Stears

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sorry that last line should read now, not 'not'.


Anyway A7 DUO retention certificate is still available and inviting sensible offers or interesting trades for new or as new 7 parts:


Things I'm looking for for cash or p/x:

- non-cat replacement pipe for R300/400/500

- as new digital video camera with line-in for my bullet cam

- new weather gear and doors

- screen & stanctions and wipers

- set of as new CR500 tyres


No point me knocking it out too cheap as I may as well put it on the family run-around if there's no interest.


happy motoring

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