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carbon fibre rear wing protectors

Paul Gibb

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I wanted some of these so bought 1 mm carbon fibre sheet (see a posting from several weeks ago) for £25 and used my original stainless steel ones as a template and after a bit of work... voila!! Look as good as Caterhams IMHO for a third of the price.


Their address and contact is;

Mr M Blunden


Fox Barn

Peperharow Park





If you are desparate I could look at trying to make you up a pair??!!




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how did you manage to bend the CF sheet to the arch..

or was the resin not impregnated yet??




Now, Beakie, we'll just flip this switch and 60,000 refreshing volts of electricity will surge through your body. Ready?..

See my CAR here

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Not sure I understand. Paul is just after Protectors the bend is quite small the sheet could have cope with a s much smasller radius. I also have some 2mm sheet and that would have done the job just a well but well it would have weighed twice as much!!!.




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