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Centre Mirror for Brooklands

Mark Durrant

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I have just fitted some Brooklands and need a centre mirror. I have identified two options but both have drawbacks *confused*


I could fit the Spa 'Le Mans' style mirror which gives excellent rearward vision but restricts the angle at which you can adjust the Brooklands screens; or,


Caterham sell a small chrome mirror which fits well between the two screens but gives limited rearward vision, especially if the spare wheel is fitted (I have no plans to ditch the spare just yet).


So have any of you out there found an alternative 🤔


Grateful as ever for any advice you can provide *thumbup*


Mark D

Su77on Se7ens *cool*

Avoiding the Kerbs

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I fitted a chrome mirror from Tim Hodgekiss (Vintage and Classic car parts). It was part No 667, and is the type fitted to the Jag XK120, which is adjust for height. His web site is www.vintagemotorspares.com


Most classic part places do the same mirror, but his was the best price *biggrin*

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Mark, 3 years ago I fitted the SPA Sportscar Lightweight Interior Racing Mirror. From Europa (tel 01283 815609) £70 (part no. SCFW1). Excellent mirrow, that sits on its own 130mm stork...


If you want to see a pic, just shout!



Deliveries by Saffron, *thumbup* the yellow 222bhp Sausage delivery machine

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Have a look at the pictures under my name.. I have a large'ish round mirror which is also convex, that I got from Europa Spares. The mounting foot is big and very heavy so I got some cheap Ali tube from B&Q (a TV arial post I think) and made a short post for it to sit on and bolt up though from the underside of the stantion.


Phil Waters

You mean you can drive these?

I thought it was just there to polish 😬

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  • Leadership Team

Same here - SPA centre mirror and Brooklands and it fits fine.


If you have slightly different screens? then SPA will make you a different centre post for a reasonable fee.


Regards - Michael.

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I also have a SPA Centre mirror and concur with Gareth.


I fitted the bigger brother of the Caterham small chrome mirror the only problem was it was too convexed and made everything too far away. So I stuck a flat glass mirror cut to size over the top.


The only problem with this is it would not be race acceptable so I now have a black SPA one but it does not look as good as the chrome one with the Brooklands. ☹️. The side mirrors are the classic 'Lucus' chrome mirrors.


'Can you hear me running' ......... OH YES and its music to my ears 😬 😬 😬

1988 200 bhp, 146 ft lbs, 1700cc Cosworth BD? on Weber's with Brooklands and Clamshell wings, Freestyle Motorsport suspension.

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