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Right angle drive thingy

Delberts Wallet

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My speedo ceased working so I've jacked the car up to take a look. The cable and speedo are OK (checked with a drill) but I think the right angle drive thingy is duff. I've taken it off and what I can see appears to be a mangled bit of spring inside the drive (the bit that attached to the g/box) and a bit of spring sticking out of the g/box.

How do I remove the part that the r/angle drive attaches to? I'm guessing that it is some kind of circlip but can't really get a proper look


Blue and Carbon Supersport

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I guess you mean the short square section piece that takes the drive from the box to the right angle drive? If so it iws a push fit.


Recall a seperate thread saying these were not available on their own from Caterham?


I suspect a firm called Speedy Cables could help, but I do not appear to have their address or phone number 🙆🏻


Perhaps someone else can assist 🤔

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Gareth, try the right angle drive by putting something suitable in the square hole of the gearbox end and revolving it (the stub you pulled out, a small phillips scrrewdriver, a whittled down piece of wood etc.) See if it revolves smoothly and transmitts the drive to the output end.


These little right angle drives are quite expensive.

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They should be available from Caterham, but recall that they were over £46 + vat three or four years ago, it is cheaper to convert to a cycle speedo!


Mind you, someone who has converted may have a spare right angle drive kicking around - try an ad in 'wanted'


Just a thought - they do not like to drive in reverse, i.e. twidling the speedo cable end will be difficult, twidling the gearbox end should be free and easy, are you twidling the right end? *eek*


Allen/Dr Ruth *wink*

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