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Oil Leak from Gearbox?


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Hi, managed to get the car out and about yesterday after sorting on the garage for the past couple of months (so great to take her out for a drive again).

However I noticed a small amount of oil had been dropped in the garage floor over this time. Probably an area about the size of a postcard.

From looking under the car I could see a small drop of oil had formed at the front of the gearbox (see arrow in photo).

Cleaned it off last night, but then checked just now and there's another drop,  although nothing on the floor yet.

I can't see any oil around the engine itself.

Would this be leaking from the gearbox main seal at the front?



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13 minutes ago, John Vine said:

Just for clarification, that cover is over the layshaft rather than the selector shaft

Thanks for the correction John, it would be very difficult to change gear if the selector shaft was in the bottom of the box 🤭

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1 hour ago, Skipper555 said:

So at this current dribbly-rate is it a big problem?

Should I look at getting it fixed sooner rather than later to prevent oil getting onto the clutch etc.?

Difficult to advise from a distance, but if it were my car I'd monitor the quantity of lost oil and pencil in a repair within 6-12 months -- earlier if it gets worse.  I doubt your clutch is at risk at the moment.  

Are you able to remove the box yourself or would you need to enlist the help of a garage?


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Understood that makes sense.

Although I'd be happy to take the box out, I think it would be tricky to do that in my single garage as it's pretty tight in there as it is.

So I'd need to find somewhere to handle this for me, being based in the West Midlands I think the closest garage I could find is N J Potter in Leicestershire, unless anyone know otherwise.

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My gearbox leaked from the 5th gear cover plate, took me while to work this out - worth a look it, was an easy fix (fiddly) to take off, apply sealant and re fix plate. It did not need the gearbox removing.

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Type 9GB has been known to leak from the join between the forward & rear ends (fwd round black casting & rest of casing). It then runs down the lower 'spine' of the casting & running off as indicated by the arrow in the first picture. If I remember correctly there is a gasket at that position.

Out of three K Series cars I owned two succumbed to leaking from the point I have described. Thankfully both rectified under warranty. 

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