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Squeaking front wheel.

Terry Field

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1999 K.  The front n/s wheel has a  rhythmic squeak which is clearly speed related. I have checked for disc run out with a simple tell tale and all seems well. The wheel bearing seems sound. The hub isn't overheating and braking is smooth and straight. I can hear the noise up to about 15-20mph where the engine drowns it and I suspect it goes away anyway. 

The wheel spins freely when jacked up, although not quite so freely as the O/s wheel.

I am guessing that the problem lies with the brake calliper not retracting fully ( but why that would produce a rhythmic rather than a steady noise I don't know).

Any thoughts as to how to approach it, or should I just live with it for now and see if it develops or just goes away?

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Thanks all, you are really confirming where I think the problem might lie.

Time to get it all stripped down and a good clean up and grease. Not this weekend though - lots of family and probably  even lots more booze! Have you noticed how much the 'entertainment' budget goes up as the kids get older?

Enjoy the weekend one and all.

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