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Steering column design - Safe?


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Noticed that I had some in and out movement of the steering wheel. Checked the clamp that connects the top and bottom of the steering column. Noticed that it's possible, if the screws holding the clamp together back off a bit, for one end of the column to rotate within the other. This doesn't fill me with confidence.

Has anyone done anything to address this? I am thinking of installing a second clamp or potentially drilling through both the overlapping sections and installing a dowel/bolt?



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If fitted correctly it isn't an issue, but the tightening sequence is important ...

  • tighten the two smaller hex-head bolts first, use Loctite if you wish. The socket head screw must be loose at this stage.
  • tighten the socket head grub screw.
  • tighten the locking nut.

In this order it won't work loose.


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