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Tony Smith

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It has come to my notice that entries are a bit slow coming in this year.

So just by way of giving a nudge to those hesitating, cogitating or procrastinating, I would say this.

Get your entry in ASAP, as I wouldn't want to win the championship just because you didn't get your entry in on time!!

But seriously, let's give Andy a hand and make his life easier, you know it makes sense.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!!!


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Those who are on the fence to compete for the first time hopefully this will help.

2022 was my first time in the speed championship and my first time competing ever in motorsport and only my 2nd year owning a Caterham. Nervous and unsure was an understatement, but in for a penny in for a pound.

My first race/meeting was at Anglesey. Never met a soul within the championship before but upon arrival in the paddock a fellow competitor and now friend approached to welcome me. Richard Price straight away made me feel welcome and started educating me on procedures and gave priceless advice. Another fellow competitor and now friend welcomed me and offered to assist me in driving techniques and confidence, Dan Malkin was a true gentleman and helped me through out the season lowering my times as well as many others.

Half way through the season i already new i was competing next year. Everyone and i mean everyone from Class 1 to 7 made me feel welcome, offered advice and above all gave me banter when it was due and took a lot from me being the cheeky chappy i am. Ben Williams was another true inspiring friend made for life who i gladly enjoyed a beer or two after an event.

The season came to an end and within a month Justin Dobson and i are messaging on social media thinking of doing track days before the season starts and as per usual he gave me lots of abuse (jokingly of course) but as always advice for next season.

Tony Smith as always was the center of a punchline and lets face it we cant let him win as we would never ever hear the end of it.

I hope this long winded message gets the point across. Caterham and Lotus 7 in generally are a welcoming punch of folk but the Speed lads and lasses almost become family in a weird way. We push each other on, we fight hard but fair and above all care, trust and respect each other massively. 

This is the impression i got just in the first year. So get off the fence and get stuck in. You will not regret it.

On another note if you think track days are fun you just wait till you try Sprinting and Hillclimbs. Track day fun x 10

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Very well put Lewis, I had the same experience 7 years ago when I started my first event also at Goodwood. (apart from Dick Dastardly constantly telling me that corners that needed a dab on the brakes where FLAT IN FIFTH !!!!!!)

However I did at least have the good grace not to beat any of those encouraging me by half way thru the first season  *getmecoat*

But seriously apart from learning annoyingly fast you are a great asset to the championship. It is as you say a very welcoming championship and long may it continue *smile*

Anyone know how the numbers are looking now?

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Thanks Tony and sorry not sorry. 

Is Dick Dastardly also known as Phil by any chance???? LOL

Can not wait to get going. Wrong to admit but i think about competing more then anything else. See you at Cadwell. 

Regards numbers i still haven't heard anything.

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  • Support Team

Get your entry in by Thursday 9 March if you want an anniversary championship t-shirt.

Our first event this year is a bit earlier that normal, on the 25th March at the delicious Cadwell Park, and we're procuring the championship t-shirts in a single batch in order to be able to let competitors have their splendid new paddock-wear at Cadwell.

So if you're thinking of entering the speed championship this year and want to look the part in the paddock, please get your entry in via LoveAdmin by Thursday this week

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