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Goodrich rear brake hose installation. S3 caterham 7.


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Just got a set of stainless brake hoses. There is a small plastic bag with a nut, a copper washer and one fitting.The lines have a swivel fitting on on end. I used the nut from the small pack on the end of hose that does not swivel and threaded into the three way brass connector and tightened the nut. The small fitting from the bag I screwed into the rear caliper with copper washer between fitting and caliper body. Then attached swivel end of hose to fitting and tightened.I just need to know I have done this right before I add fluid. Thanks in advance. All input appreciated.

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Hmm Caliper bit sounds OK

At brass t piece I think the hose fitting should bottom out in the t piece - no nut required.

Caterham have been known to over supply some parts and omit others. My K series dry sump kit had bits missing and two of other despite several owners advising Caterham the pick list was wrong!

I suspect the bag with the fitting, copper washer and nut was supplied to Caterham like that and the nut isn't needed.

I fitted my aeroquip set up a few years ago, supplied as individual parts from Demon Tweeks, and don't recall needing a nut!

Just my 0.02p worth.


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Start at the 3-way:

Run the nut fully on to the threaded connector, insert into the 3-way, tighten up, and then tighten the nut to act as a lock:


The lock-nut may not be essential as the connector bottoms out in the 3-way, but I fitted it anyway.

Next, move to the calliper:

You don't need the copper washer.  As Ian says, CC have probably taken the hose bag direct from Goodridge and just supplied it as-is.

The fitting you describe is an adaptor (1/8” BSP to M10 x 1.0):


The M10 pointy bit (LH end above) goes into the calliper and self-seals. 

The swivel connector on the hose attaches to the other end:




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Re #4:

Thank you, kind sir!

Re the nuts, my Assembly Guide says for the main flex hose (the upper one in my pic):

"The rear braided hose can now be fitted. Thread the locknut onto the male union on one end of the hose then attach the braided hose to the three way union on the De Dion tube and tighten to 10 Nm. Lock into place using the locknut. The locknut supplied should not restrict the union from tightening fully."

That does suggest that the nuts are intended to be fitted, and used as lock-nuts.


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