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Exhaust Question.

Rob D.

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Hi All,

I have a 1999 SLR with a K series.  The car was fitted with a Aluminum outer main body can with stainless steel end caps (2.25" inlet). It has a distinct flat bottom to the exhaust body. Do any of you exhaust aficionados know the brand ? - It's not a Raceco as I've been in touch with them.

Many thanks


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The ally' can is actually quite thin gauge and is given rigidity by the stainless perforated pipe that runs through.  I've been really happy with it so far but on a recent track day then I managed to crack the bottom - not through grounding or impact - just fatigue cracks as a result of long duration at full beans. I think I might just add a new skin to the bottom and repair it that way as other options seem to involve new  4-2-1 pipes and approx 1200 quid. It would be nice to have a nice new exhaust system though. 

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