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Slick Tyres with Wet Sump


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Currently running a K-Series with a wet sump.  

Considering a set of slicks for next season, however am very aware of centrifugal/centripetal forces working on the oil in the engine. I have a seven litre Apollo tank fitted and was wondering if that sort of volume wound be sufficient to keep the engine sufficiently charged with oil during long corners....

Thanks - Dave 

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One thing to consider Dave, that when Caterham Midlands ( the original one owned by Derek) were originally testing ACB10s on wet sump cars, at Mallory, they were running the bearings in two laps......though I have no idea whether the cars had Apollo tanks fitted.

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Back to a serious note, it's worth noting that the purpose of the Apollo anti cavitation tank is to help remove air bubbles from aerated oil, and oil pressure is only provided when the tank is full. It does not protect against oil surge as a dry sump system does.

I know a few that datalog oil pressure on track have certainly seen significant dips in oil pressure with Apollo tanks with less grip than slicks may provide.

That said, I also know of at least three VHPDs with dry sump that have suffered big end failure on track, most likely due to the comparatively small capacity of the bell tank. It's important to keep a close eye on oil level during a track day!

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"Club trackday rules don't allow slicks unless you have a full cage."

No, sorry, that's not right.  The TSRR document covers matters like this.  The use of slicks is generally permitted when the weather is fine and the track is dry, subject also to the go-ahead being given by the Club Trackday Coordinators responsible for managing the event.


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When I had an SLR (wet sump; Apollo) a few years ago I used to to run it on slicks at track days - vigorously, regularly and without mishap. 

Two things were essential before I did this, however:  first, fitting a mechanical OP gauge that would give instant and accurate readings to reassure me that pressure remained healthy;  second, sorting out a previous problem I'd experienced with oil pressure dropping noticeably on fast left hand corners.  The solution to that problem was to RE-INSTALL the sump baffle foam that I'd previously removed following conventional wisdom re the K-series. 

For me at least with my VHPD, no foam meant oil surge;  foam re-instated meant reliable oil pressure, and slick tyres....

Thousands may beg to differ, but this was my own experience! 

(....before I opted for the safety of a dry sumped Duratec)

Stephen *byebye* 

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