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Cleaning under passenger seat?


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Apologies if this is a dumb (noob) question but is there a generally accepted way of clearing debris from under the passenger seat without unbolting it?  I have the carbon padded seats with some stones and a large metal washer hidden under there ... they are starting to rattle and driving me nuts.  Any hints or tips?  I was thinking a magnet on a stick or something for the washer and/or maybe a super thin vacuum pipe attachment .. 


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Although I haven't tried it with my car due to having the leather seats that I just lift out the seat bottom, I would reverse up a couple of ramps and tap on the bottom of the floor with the flat of my hand. Anything that is loose should end up in the footwell.if you don't have any cross-member in the way, or against the edge of the cross-member to use just the flexible end of a vacuum hose to extract as much as possible.

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