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I cleverly managed to order the wrong tyres for my 360 R. I meant to order Avon ZZS to replace the front tyres but managed to order ZZRs !

That would mean I have ZZRs on the front and ZZS on the rear. I am planning some Trackdays's and I would be interested in those with experience if this is a combination that may work ?

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So at one end is fitted the fastest dry weather, track orientated ZZR. 

At the other end the all round performing both wet and dry on road & track ZZS.

Handling could be interesting

Surely the ZZR can be swapped for ZZS. Or are they already fitted?

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I've been shopping around for ZZS and found BMTR to be as cheap as anyone else but if you can get there they fit too at that price.  Lots of options at the same / similar price but after factoring in postage and fitting I'm prepared to travel.

The others I got quotes from are Avon Motorsport, Caterham, Caterham Silverstone and Vintage Tyres.


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