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Stiffening doors by replacing plastic film with Perspex/Plexiglas


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My feeling is that the vibration experienced by the door-mounted mirrors is due to the buffeting on the plastic, which moves, and that movement is transmitted to the mirror. One solution might them be to unpick the stitching, remove the plastic and replace it with some thin, but much stiffer Perspex/Plexiglas to fit inside the exposed metal frame.

This could not be stitched in place, but could be glued in place, perhaps with the black sealant used for guttering on both sides to re-attach the black fabric surround.

I've seen a thread from 2015 where someone cut away half the door to fit Perspex to the outside of it, and have no black surround at the top and the back, which is what got me thinking.

Has anyone tried anything along these lines? Interested in the experience regarding mirror vibration.

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