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Horrible Cracking noise Live Axle

barry watts

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Help any suggestions welcome. 

Live axle supersprint. When I pull away quickly or hit a cats eye or pothole I get a really nasty cracking bang from the o/s rear wheel area. It is getting worse and possibly starting on the n/s as well. Have had a good look around and cannot find anything obvious and could not see much movement with a bar on bushes. Car is 22 years old . So how easy is it to rebush the rear end.

Many thanks Baz.

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Just about to put it up on stands and have another look.  Jonathan no I do not have a guide, I have an old parts catalogue only. Wheel bearings are on the half shafts, so how can you check them? The noise is like metal against metal so A frame possibly.I will report back.

Thanks Baz.

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A frame removed , lower bushes are fine and the rear bushes look and feel ok. Cleaned the paint of the frame and cannot see any defects. The only thing I can see is the handbrake cable runs over the frame and has worn through the outer pvc and worn the metal inner part, there is a corresponding indentation on the A frame. Fingers crossed this is it. Going to get some new bushes and repaint first so will report back. Thanks for the replies and Jonathan your mail box is full.


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