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Type 9 Gearbox Wanted


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Here now, three days looking after grandchildren, just getting my breath back,


Box is as new, changed very early in it's life for a Steve Perks box.


As I said Sigma input so will need a K input shaft.


Looking for £300.00

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Peter, know what you mean about Grandkids!


Would you accept a very close offer of £250 -(so as to assist me with the cost of the necessary alterations to K Series spec. pls?)


Do you know the radio's of the box (in particular 1st and 5th pls?)


Kind regards,



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I have a type 9 gearbox that I can offer to here first. Just removed from my K series Caterham where it has resided from new. 16,000 miles and it was shifting beautifully and felt nice and tight. Standard Caterham ratios and input shaft for K-series/Duratec. It will need the input shaft nosepiece that the CRB runs on though which cost about £50 I think.

Looking for £300 as it’s such a nice box.

The part worn clutch pack, clutch release fork, CRB and K series bellhousing also available.




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