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Roller Barrel Throttle cable??


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Hi all

Looking for a spare throttle cable to take to trackdays for my 1.8K series with roller barrel throttle bodies.  Had a bit of trouble trying to work out what throttle cable will fit.  Had a long conversation with Redline who were very helpful but were also not sure if the standard K series throttle cable will work.  

Does anyone know?  Mine is a similar setup to a K series R400 so i would hope there could be a simple solution




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Indeed. Bike shops have a hand held cable cutter with two opposing triangular notches in the blades that gives a clean cut. Side cutters or a hacksaw makes a frayed mess. If you used an over long inner cable, you could coil up the excess past the top of the pedal and tape or cable tie it. It will wind into a very small diameter coil.
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