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Snetterton Trackday


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Lotus 7 Club are visiting Snetterton next week on Tuesday 23rdJuly.

The forecast is for great weather.

Our online booking system is up and running again.

So, go to our club website to book and don’t miss out.

See you there.



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 Thanks for a great day and what an impressive improvement to the track - so technical, definitely to be repeated.

Sorry about the red flag but what with the heat and the fact that my car hadn't been there since June 1965 it was all too much for the old girl and fuel starvation struck us down - so an early bath ...

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Thanks to all for a brilliant day but next time could you please turn the temperature down a bit.

I think we only had one red flag in our sessions which is amazing for a circuit like Snetterton, really looking forward to Angelsey in a few weeks.

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Thanks to the organisers.  Great weather, fabulous track and good comradeship old and new.

For those that left prior to the last session ... you might like to know that we lost about 10 mins due to one of the bikes in the previous session spilling oil on the Brundle/Nelson corners (just after the bridge) - braking hard on cement dust after a long straight is a new experience for me *eek*


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