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Main beam not working


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So the main beam on my lights stopped working yesterday. They work when on full beam, but with the switch set to main beam, then only the sidelights work. I'm using classic car led H4 headlights. 

Any help much appreciated as I leave to France on Monday..

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When my dip beam went it was the headlamp switch (not the full beam/dip toggle beam switch but the main sidelight/headlamp switch) ) - I popped the switch out dismantled the light switch and cleaned up the copper bits with emery cloth (it all looked a bit oxidised) and it then worked fine - mine is a 92 1400 Supersport.

Before the fix I was getting side lights on position 1 and then side and main beam on position 2 when toggling between dip and main beam.

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Does the Flasher toggle switch bring on the main beam?

If so it's likely a switch/connection problem with the Side/Headlight, or Dip/Main switches.

If not probably the fuse (but could still possibly be an issue with the switches above)

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Sorry, I've been away in France!

A connection came loose which was causing my starter motor to stop working, and whilst finding that, I found a connector had come loose (one under the bonnet next to the inertia switch). My dipped beam is now working!

Thank you for all your tips


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