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Trackday wheels and Tyres help please

steve osbaldeston

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Just finished my 310S kit which has come with Caterham 14 inch classic 6J wheels and Avon Road tyres.


What wheels and tyres should I swap to for my track days. Was thinking:

6 inch apollo rims  and 185/55/R13 Avon ZZS on front

8 inch apollo rims  and 215/55/R13 Avon ZZS on rear


Can I just do a straight swap or does it need suspension mods.

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There is an easy option of changing the tyres to 14” R888R but 13” are apparently better. I use my 14” for road blats (with a bit of extra ride height) and run 6 inch apollo rims  and 185/55/R13 Avon ZZS front and back. I am probably in the minority in preferring same width on the rear.

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There is the same size available in R888R tyres which would keep you the same ride height and save the cost of new wheels. 13” are apparently better though. I bought a set of 13” Apollos with ZZS for track and I must say they seem great.

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Steve, I'm using the 13" ZZS tyre combination you've stated, albeit with 6" & 8" Anthracites rather than Apollos. It's a great setup for both road and track.

My suggestion would be to go for that, have the car set up properly on the 13" wheel / tyre combination, then swap to the 14's for road use ... if you feel you really must! I suspect once you've used the 13" ZZS's you'll leave them on permanently.


Edited for spelling!

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