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Fuel gauge


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Hi All,

Having got my car on the road I've finally had the chance to brim the fuel tank and found it doesn't read further than between the red and 1/4 full.  It sweeps full when you switch the ignition with the key so the dial looks fine.  Is there anything I can do or is this a CC issue.  Given the tank and level are pre-fitted I'm assuming there's not much I can do but thought I'd ask.


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It's common to not get full scale or a linear response, but yours sounds much worse than most.

You can adjust the display with some extra electronic bits.

But there's a pretty full description by John Vine of improving this by fettling the float in the tank: start here. (That thread also includes the electronic approach.)


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IME, most gauge errors (Duratec and Sigma, and possibly 160) are due to the design of the tank, which prevents the float on the sensor arm from reaching the bottom of the tank.  In the case of the 1/4-sweep gauge (like my 2008 one), this results in a reading of around 3/4 when the tank is, in fact, full, and a reading right off the bottom of the scale at "empty".  I don't know whether the same happens with the later 3/4-sweep gauges, but I suspect the symptoms are similar.

The best way I've found to re-calibrate the gauge is to (1) bend the float arm downwards, (2) drain the tank, and (3) refill it one litre at a time, noting the gauge reading.  That's a malodorous and messy procedure, but does produce results. 

But your gauge seems so far out that I wouldn't start by doing this because there may well be some other factor at work, other than the float position.   Rather, I'd report the issue to CC/dealer and see what they say.


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Looks like I've resolved the issues with my fuel gauge.

I had to lift the sender from the tank and rotate it around 1/8th clockwise.  This seems to have sorted the problem which I suspect was the float against the tank.  

Getting to the tank was a nightmare mind as CC had riveted my ali boot floor down where a cradle clip holds a fuel hose.  It took some time to spot that. Also had some fun getting the tank gasket/seal back in place.

Shout out to Petethediesel for his guidance on this. 

With a bit of luck that should be the last of my build issues.

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