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Air Filter for 1.8 K Series


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Hello, I am new to Caterham ownership so any advice is welcome!

Has anybody fitted a K&N air filter to their car?

Looking on the K&N website there are several that could fit, is there tried and tested part?

My car is an SV with the alloy inlet manifold if that makes any difference.

Many thanks


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The RU-1480 fits nicely. I has an angled neck so sits slightly differently to the Caterham filter but it keeps it clear of the pedal box etc.

Here are some pictures (also in an SV with the alloy inlet manifold so a good match for your car):

IMG_20180205_195102.thumb.jpg.cb49eb288178664ea6f13e3c1f7b646a.jpg IMG_20180205_195116.thumb.jpg.0ef5dd20904f64b1981b15140ddb4cb0.jpg IMG_20180205_195123.thumb.jpg.221559b28598a08cb4df4834637dab32.jpg

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Brilliant and thanks for the photos. 

Did you notice any difference in performance or noise over the standard Caterham foam one?

The main reason I am considering changing it is that it is probably original and it has a couple of surface nicks in it and not necessarily performance.

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Performance - I haven't done any back to back runs on the rollers but it's certainly not hurting the power much from the results I got on the rollers with it fitted (in my signature). Subjectively I can't really feel a difference.

Noise - I think it's a bit noisier, got a bit of an induction roar to it at lower RPM that it didn't have before and a bit louder throughout the range bit not massively so, sort of snarls - I quite like it! My car is a VVC and that system dials out most of the cam overlap at low RPM and throttle so you might get different results on the low RPM induction noise on a non-VVC engine.

I changed mine because I got fed up of the foam ones getting tatty and coming apart around the glued seams. It certainly seems to be holding up better.

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