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Stiff Steering Universal Joint Bolt


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New build (310S). Trying to attach the steering universal joint to the steering rack spigot.  The M8 bolt will not fit through the union - I'm obviously aligned with the recess in the spigot. I've tried my persuader to no avail.
I *could* Dremmel the UJ receiving hole slightly (1-2mm) to enable the bolt to pass. However is this an IVA/ safety risk?

Anyone had similar and got some alternative advice please?

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They haven’t sorted that one out yet then?

When I built my car in 2015 the first two joints I was sent were like that. Rather than send another Derek suggested I took a small rat tail and opened up the clamp hole till the bolt fitted, which I did. 

It didn’t need much removing, wasn’t a problem at IVA, because they’d never know, and has been fine. 

They’re all like that, sir!

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